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Oct 23, 2020

Jason Moloney is days away from one of the toughest assignments in world boxing so we decided to go full Knuckle Down style on Jason’s fight with The MONSTER, Naoya Inoue.

Joining me as always for the KD is the Aussie Boxing Scribe, Anthony Cocks (

Anthony and I dive in the deep end and try to learn as much about Inoue as possible, identify his strengths and weaknesses and even have a crack at suggesting ways we think Jason may find success on fight night.

We also discussed at length Andrew Moloney’s HUGE rematch with Joshua Franco two weeks later, we recapped some standout fights since the last pod dropped and looked ahead to some really good fights coming up over the next couple of weeks in what looks to be a loaded back quarter of the year all things considered pandemic-wise.

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