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Sep 9, 2021

The Aussie scene is on stand-by and Kazuto Ioka just fought last week, so there’s no better time to chat to feature writer and one of the best commentators in the sport, Corey Erdman to break it all down!

Corey and I take a deep dive in to Kazuto Ioka V Francisco Rodriguez Jr in detail, where both warriors go from here, how insanely STACKED 115 pounds is and Corey’s first-hand experience on the international broadcast scene.

I also pick Corey’s brain on some major recent international results, his recent writing projects, news-worthy topics in the world of boxing, what Aussie fighters are on his radar and what’s coming up next for him personally career-wise.

We finish, as always, with a look ahead to what’s coming up on the schedule in the coming weeks and much, much more.

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