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Dec 24, 2023

  • JAI OPETAIA KO1 Ellis Zorro
  • Rest of The Day Of Reckoning Card

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Dec 19, 2023

December is so packed, you know I had to fit one more pod in for the year!

Once again, from the phone style message group to the pod, two of the best boxing writers in the world, Anthony Cocks (The Ring, Ringnews24) & Liahm O'Brien (The Inner Sanctum) join me to break down all the action abroad and at home.


Dec 1, 2023

51 episodes later and we are back at it again with sometimes podcaster and writer, longtime boxing manager, talent scout and promoter, Mike Altamura.

Mike joins me to break down all things Biggs/Tszyu and the standout moments from the undercard, I pick Mike's brain about his Aussie based stable of fighters, throw a few...